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Headshot of Scott Lee Chua in dark blue shirt, looking to the left and smiling. Photo taken by Zac Yeow.

I am interested in economics, a field whose definition is still in flux. I currently define it as the study of human relations in, around, and despite modern capitalist systems [see changelog]. This philosophy informs my work, research, and creative writing.

In 2022, I obtained a masters degree in Quantitative Economics from the National University of Singapore. I previously graduated summa cum laude from Yale-NUS College, where I grew to love mathematics, statistics, and barbershop singing.

In 2017, I created a fantasy/sci-fi graphic novel called Doorkeeper together with Ethan Chua and a team of fantastic Filipino artists — read it here.

At present, I design board games with Mosquito Games, write for video games with Andas Productions, and chip away at a new graphic novel.

news [archive]

Jul 2022 I ran a workshop on reading and writing for a wonderful bunch of primary school students at the Scholastic Readers Camp! :pencil2:
Apr 2022 My paper on lying behavior with Jessica Chang and Guillem Riambau has been published in the Journal of Economic Psychology. :tada:
Feb 2022 I just concluded a three-day virtual workshop with Queena Lee-Chua (my mother!) on Singapore math and the model method, for over 20,000 teachers across the Philippines. :bulb:
Jun 2021 I presented my paper on trust and darknet markets at WEIS 2021. :floppy_disk:
Feb 2021 I ran a workshop on sequential storytelling at the Yale-NUS College Writers’ Centre Comics and Zines Fest! :collision:


  1. Cybercrime
    Measuring the deterioration of trust on the dark web: Evidence from Operation Bayonet
    Chua, S.L.
    20th Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (2021)
    Yale-NUS Outstanding Capstone in Economics (2020)
  2. Dishonesty
    Chua, S.L., Chang, J., and Riambau, G.
    Journal of Economic Psychology (2022)
  3. Education
    Do grades enhance learning? Evidence from a natural experiment in a liberal arts college
    Chua, S.L., Riambau, G., and Wertz, T.
    In progress