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Nov 2022 I presented a study with Guillem Riambau and Tim Wertz on grades and learning outcomes at the 60th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Philippine Economic Society. :apple:
Jul 2022 I ran a workshop on reading and writing for a wonderful bunch of primary school students at the Scholastic Readers Camp! :pencil2:
Apr 2022 My paper on lying behavior with Jessica Chang and Guillem Riambau has been published in the Journal of Economic Psychology. :tada:
Feb 2022 I just concluded a three-day virtual workshop with Queena Lee-Chua (my mother!) on Singapore math and the model method, for over 20,000 teachers across the Philippines. :bulb:
Jun 2021 I presented my paper on trust and darknet markets at WEIS 2021. :floppy_disk:
Feb 2021 I ran a workshop on sequential storytelling at the Yale-NUS College Writers’ Centre Comics and Zines Fest! :collision:
Dec 2019 My English translation of Enrique Villasis’ poetry collection Buwaya (Crocodile) has received the Gabo Prize for literature in translation. :crocodile: